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  Colorado Sandstorm Productions

Colorado Sandstorm Productions

Original songs, poetry, CDs & demos   Colorado Sandstorm Music
Events by Colorado Sandstorm Music songwriters, poets, and other supportive musicians   AcousticByLines
Jewelry, art, photography by talented women   HErARTDesigns
Short stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction   Sandy Reay, Author
Concerts upcoming Keep coming back for more information about upcoming 2023 Colorado Sandstorm Concerts featuring Dan Navarro in June (we hope) and Buddy Mondlock in July.
Concerts past Colorado Sandstorm Songwriting Workshop and Concert Featuring Buddy Mondlock, August 2022

Colorado Sandstorm Concert Featuring Dan Navarro with Ernie Martinez. June 17, 2022

    Sandstorm Rooftop Concert, Sept 5, 2021

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"Bring 'Em Home," a Western-theme CD of mostly cowboy music and poetry, including award-winning cowriters and musicians
Bring 'Em Home CD Sandy Reay Terry Nash a photo of a cattle round-up from horseback
"earsie" photo by Terry Nash


Listen to all the songs on YouTube

Downloads and Streaming

"I Wanted to Fly," a no-theme CD with a variety of styles, voices, and instruments that sounds like a radio show (without the announcer)
Short stories / Flash fiction March 31, 2022 Damn The Dream was published by The Pikes Peak Writers in their 2022 anthology Dream Pikes Peak Writers 2022 Anthology Dream
Songs In progress, to be released with the book (below)

"You Are the Road," a companion CD including songs and poems, with the memoir, "You Are the Road That Led me Home"

The title song for the CD features Dan Navarro and Sandy Reay.

Book - memoir In progress, to be released with the CD (above) You Are the Road That Led Me Home, a memoir with a companion CD, You Are the Road

Feedback from the first round of alpha readers was encouraging:

  • I just finished your story. I still have tears running down my face. I think you did a great job with it, and I am proud of you for going through it all and coming out the other side. I loved getting to know you as I went.
    — Nadia
  • Had to stay up past bedtime to finish reading this after I started. There's so much here, one could comment for a long time, but let me say simply, it's really good!: poignant, vulnerable, funny, charming, rather compellingly intriguing. Found myself feeling really glad I know you and that you're willing to share your soulful experience with me!
    — Tom

The author is delving deeper into her emotional reactions to specific event details. At this time, she's taking classes and honing her writing skills, as they apply to memoirs/non-fiction.

Novella In progress

The Sinister Umbrella – After a car accident, Rapunzel comes back as a sarcastic version of Frankenstein's monster.

Are you interested in being an alpha reader, commenting on the work in progress, suggesting ideas?
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